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Connect Business Insurance Services
the Following Industries

Mining & Civil

  • Civil Contractors
  • Drilling Contractors
  • Mineral Exploration Contractors
  • Mine Site & Camp Construction
  • Surveying Contractors
  • Crushing & Screening Contractors
  • Quarry & Mining Contractors
  • Project Managers & Consultants

Residential & Commercial Construction

  • Residential Builders
  • Commercial Construction
  • Property Developers
  • Owner Builders
  • Home Warranty (Indemnity)

Transport & Logistics

  • Heavy Motor & Truck Insurance
  • Carriers Insurance
  • Marine Cargo & transit
  • Warehouse Liability
  • Freight fowarders
  • Transport


  • Engineers
  • Manufacturing
  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Marine

Labour Hire & Recruitment

  • Labour Hire Insurance
  • Recruitment Agency Insurance


  • Aviation Public Liability Insurance
  • Passenger Liability Insurance
  • Aircraft Hull & Liability
  • Hangar Keeper's Liability
  • Specialist Cover
  • Drones
  • UAV cover

Why Choose Connect Business Insurance?

Other Popular Insurance Services We Offer

The Connect Business Insurance team are experienced in managing risk across a variety of business applications.
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Our highly trained and experienced claims staff are adept at dealing with all claims, quickly and effectively.
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We have an expert team of insurance professionals on hand to deal with injury management and workers compensation.
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Premium funding is a flexible and convenient alternative to paying large insurance premium costs upfront.
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Contract Works

Our specially tailored construction insurance covers
a wide range of areas, including commercial,
residential, civil, mining and electrical.

Home Indemnity

Home indemnity insurance from Connect Business Insurance provides essential protection for you, the consumer, against loss or other financial burdens.

Plant & Equipment

Our customised packages are flexible; covering everything from a one owner-operated plant to a large plant fleet.

Public Liability

Our individually tailored public liability policies comprehensively cover the risk you face for anyone injured on site, or any third party damage caused during or at work.

Marine Cargo

Marine cargo policies can cover you if your goods are damaged in transit. This protects you from significant financial loss and greatly reduces your risk.

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity helps protect your business against any civil liabilities, legal or damage claims (as a result of alleged malpractice or professional misconduct).

Commercial Motor

Our commercial motor coverage includes the loss, damage or theft of a vehicle, property damage, towing expenses, theft and legal liability.

Workers Compensation

We help reduce workers' compensation costs by negotiating with leading insurers Australia-wide to ensure you receive the most competitive premium.

Customer Testimonials

“Thanks to Connect Business Insurance and the team for spending the time on quoting our renewal for our concreting business, having the industry background really made a difference when the right questions were asked, we shifted, we saved and have not looked back.”

Shane, Victoria

“We have been with Connect Business Insurance coming up two years, Paul and his team have always provided a customer focused service, it has always been about building trust and a longer term relationships, always honest advice and transparency.”

Luke, Western Australia

“We had a hire truck rollover on a client’s mine site. As this was a pretty serious claim, Paul handled this directly and had the insurer engaged and an assessor flown to site immediately. Constant assistance throughout the incident investigation, continual communication and a positive final outcome, having the right assessor on the claim it was found previous faulty workmanship was the cause, so it went from being our company at fault to protecting our business.”

John, Western Australia

“We spent the time with Paul to discuss our commercial construction business, Paul having the operations background and knowledge set him apart from other brokers. Understanding our operational risks, understanding how a business operates and providing the right cover that is affordable.”

Karl, Western Australia


Imagine Changing the Industry

At Connect Business Insurance, we combine excellent customer service with expert local underwriting. Our claims are handled fairly and fast.

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