Claims Management for Your Business

What is Trade Credit Insurance?

Do You Need to Make an Insurance Claim?

Unfortunately, many business owners and managers experience added work and stress when they attempt to file a claim with their insurance company.

Not only is this uncalled for (after all, business owners are paying their insurance company for protection) it is also unnecessary.

Here at Connect Business Insurance, we take care of all points involved in filing a claim because our clients deserve the best support available.

What Sets Connect Business Insurance Apart?

One of the most vital facts that separates our claims management from others is the fact that we understand the unique needs of our clients and strive to deliver a suitable outcome in a timely manner.

Our claims management department consists of dedicated professionals with years of cumulative experience in the area of insurance claims. Not only are they well-versed in dotting all of the I’s and crossing all of the T’s, but they know what information is necessary to expedite your claim.

Why Is Using a Claims Management Service Recommend?

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  • The claims management industry has no formal oversight, nor must they adhere to any specific regulations
  • A cash settlement is always the goal. There are times when this is in your best interest as well as times when it is not the best outcome for your situation
  • You may find that some claims management services over-promise and lack the resources to meet their promises
  • The industry is known for inflating the amount of clients’ claims. This practice serves to increase their fee if working on a percentage, but your claims process could be slower if your representative seeks an overtly high settlement

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A Case Study

Jerry and George are subcontractors working on the same office renovation. While on the job, both men sustained injuries due to a scaffolding collapse. Jerry and George received similar treatment at the same medical facility and filed claims with the insurance they each carry.

Jerry’s claim is processed quickly with no additional effort on his part. Within a short amount of time, Jerry receives a fair settlement and considers the matter closed.

George’s insurance claim spent weeks untouched. He contacted the company several times and received no outcome. When the insurance company finally addressed his claim, George received instructions to gather additional information, as well as find one or more reliable witnesses. The company insisted this was a standard request and that they were not able to process the claim without such information.

Eventually, George receives a settlement but is frustrated with the length of time that passed and the amount of effort required of him.

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Important Workers Compensation Facts

Jerry and George’s experiences highlight how important choosing the right company to insure yourself through; choosing a poorly performing company can cost time, money, and effort.

At Connect Business Insurance, we want our customers to know that we are here to help. Our relationship with our clients does not end once the paperwork is signed. You can always contact us with questions or concerns.

Once you connect with us, you will see for yourself how our core values of think, improve, commit, and act set us apart from the rest.

*Please Note*

The material presented here is for informational use only and is not a replacement for the services of a trained insurance professional. For information regarding a specific situation, please consult your insurance expert from Connect Business Insurance.

Whatever your needs, we have a wide expertise in providing tailored insurance solutions for almost any business or trade.

Our highly trained and experienced insurance claims staff are adept at dealing with all claims, quickly and effectively.

We have an expert team of insurance professionals on hand to deal with injury management and workers compensation claims.

With many businesses facing increasingly difficult financial times, premium funding is useful as it enables your business to free up its cash flow for use elsewhere.